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Many of the passions we develop throughout life are discovered at our most impressionable states of development. It is as children that we are internally driven or physically see what it is that we wish to become. Adonica is one of those impressionable talents with drive, ambition and class.  This Atlanta raised vocalist and artist since the age of 5, showed signs of passion by emulating R&B Whitney Houston at events and shows. It was from this that Adonica was encouraged to follow her passions from which lead her to create a career in music. From her abilities to control a crowd she began to sing for community events and memorable occasions. Adonica has had opportunities to share the stage with many other artists on BET Music Matters, FAMU’s Showtime at the Apollo at Lee Hall auditorium and many other local platforms in the Atlanta surroundings. With a voice as described as “angelic” and “soothing melodic” Adonica began to enter, compete, and win at many talent show cases. Her success and the acknowledgment of her distinct sound became very influential in turning her passion into purpose. Her involvement at Clayton State University, with the Spivey Hall Choir assisted in this transition. It was here that she received vocal coaching to enhance her singing abilities. Adonica plans to keep the drive and passion for the music industry with her sounds of freedom, love, authentic experience and heartfelt lyrics through her music worldwide.

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